1 Jul 2014

iTel Mobile Dialer Operator Code for Free

itelmobiledialer is a mobile app for Android and different smartphones, providing a spread of functionalists like VoIP Calls & SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging, automated Calling Card utilization and way more from information enabled cellphones (3G/4G or WiFi).
For utilizing this app, finish users will want an iTel Mobile Dialer Operator Code ,which they'll obtain from a VoIP Service Provider. While Service Providers can use this White Label Platform to supply Mobile VoIP providers in their very own brand.

Features of  iTel Mobile Dialer Operator Code  :

★VoIP Calls & SMSs through Wifi, 3G / 4G, edge or UMTS.
★Cross-platform Instant Messaging – an Android person can chat with an iPhone consumer or a Windows OS person can chat with a BlackBerry person. Offer unlimited cell chatting and improve stickiness to your brand.
★Easy Sign Up with Mobile Number as consumer ID & computerized Buddy List creation with facility to ask phonebook contacts to put in the app.
★Easy Calling Card utilization – No must dial Access Number, PIN and even Destination Number for making calls.
★Facility to allow Mobile Top Up from itelmobiledialer .
For Service Providers
itelmobiledialer is on the market in all main OS Platforms and you'll absolutely customise & model it as per your necessities. For a free  6 months trial of iTel Mobile Dialer Operator Code you can visit here below link : Grab the Offer Now for itelmobiledialer Premium


FREE  6 Months Trial of iTel Mobile Dialer Operator Code

For End Users
You will probably be prompted for the next whereas beginning the app:
  • Operator Code – Collect Operator Code out of your VoIP service supplier. If the Service Provider is utilizing REVE platform, he'll have the ability to present a sound Operator Code.
  • Mobile Number – to be entered with nation code.
  • Password – Received by way of SMS / IVR after entering your mobile quantity.
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26 Jun 2014

PowerTel VoIP Soft-switch Features and Download FREE Dialer

PowerTelVoIP Soft-switch Features :In below you can find PowerTelVoip Soft-switch why you use PowerTel for your VoIP Business .

  • PC2Phone Softphone Software ( Customized Dialer )
  • Web/ANI/DID/SMS Callback options
  • VSC -- Intended for Internet Managment Stage
  • VSR -- Intended for Sales channel reseller ( 3 Stage Sales channel reseller Process )
  • VOIP Tube ( INTENDED FOR GLASS System and also PC2Phone )
  • Bidirectional NAT support intended for GLASS products.
  • VSMedia ( Intended for Customization connected with IVR as well as Voipbox )
  • International phone cards Software (PIN and also PIN Less)
  • DOES and also DID's Managment together with intigration connected with ( Neighborhood DIDs )
  • VSAgent ( Purchaser Conclude App together with Dialer, TXT, Chitchat and also Callback ))
  • Callshop As well as Restaurant Element ( Desktop computer and also Internet Adventures together with Log cabin and also Real time Overseeing )
  • Complete interoperability together with industry standards works VoIP products (gateways, changes, ATAs, terminals).
  • A variety connected with proxy procedures electronic. h. total proxy (with RTP-proxy), signaling proxy as well as other alternatives, chance of selecting a proxy technique for each vacation spot, way as well as for each customer.

Hosted Dedicated PowerTelVoiP Soft-switch Price

Call Capacity
Switch Server config
No of IPs
Price (USD)
Destination rates
upto 200 cc (VSR)
Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1270
Memory: 8GIG RAM
Harddrive:500GB SATA
Bandwidth: 5TB Premium Bandwidth
Hardware: Extra HD 160GB
OS: CentOS 64 bit
upto 500 cc (VOS)

Download FREE Dialer

PowerTel VoIP Soft-switch
PowerTel VoIP Soft-switch
Free Dialer + FREE ** PowerTelVoIP Soft-switch + Destination Routes
Dialer Price
Switch Price
Destination Routes
Power Tel
Upto 100 CCR
VSR Reseller
Price of Minutes
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GET Free Angela Backlinks June 2014

Angela Backlinks June 2014 is the High PR Back-link tricks which are Google Panda & penguin proof.Every month Angela releases PDF package that provide us 30 or 35 HIGH PAGE RANK sites where we can get back-links.Before we begin, let’s review some basics here to be certain everyone is for a passing fancy page. I am aware, most of you are already aware the basics but right now there will surly be people scanning this who don’t.
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A back-link is a link on one website that leads a visitor or search engine back to another website. This can be done for informational, sales or any number of other purposes. The reason Angela Backlinks are important is because it’s a a huge part of the ranking algorithm search engines use to determines how important your website is.

Angela Backlinks June 2014
Angela Backlinks June 2014
What is Quality BackLink & How you get it -----
From Angela's and Paul's Backlinks Method
Main Features of Latest Angela Backlinks June 2014 :
  • Social Network site submission List
  • Web 2.0 article site List
  • Social Bookmarking List
  • Rss Link
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10 Jun 2014

Why iOS 8 is better than Android 4.4 Kitkat

iOS 8 will release soon on the other hand Android 4.4 Kitkat already in market, Some rumour are spread last week that some features of iOS 8 are coping from Android 4.4 KitKat. Actually it’s not right as per Apple Inc. report. They are pretending that Android 4.4 KitKat is more user friendly rather than iOS 8.In below we are want to make some significant difference between of both of them.

In one sentence Apple Inc. says for their new revolution iOS 8 – it’s Huge for developer & massive for everyone else. So in this time Apple is more serious & confident about their new flagship.
Below we are highlighting some basic points of iOS 8 & Android 4.4 Kitkat
Design : iOS 8 has changed little from the overhaul of iOS 7, and now many of its design cues are being used to shape the new OS X Yosemite upgrade for Mac, but it's not all one-way traffic. Extra sidebars provide added information when searching maps and contacts, and the notification centre, still accessed by dragging down from the top of the screen, will made it easier to respond to notifications by allowing you to swipe on the banner notification and type out your reply without leaving the app you're working in.
Over on KitKat, fonts have been made lighter and thinner, with bold numbers and letters we're looking forward to Android 5.0 for that new lick of paint.

 iOS 8

Notifications Bar: This feature happens to be the take great pride in and enjoyment of Android users, the other that Apple were required to play catch through to in iOS 8.0

keyboards: Apple happens to be sniffy about opening up. With iOS 8 in a position to change to a 3rd party keyboard along with predictive keying added at last, it looks we've right now got any dead heat.

Caller ID: KitKat uses its Google business directory to try and identify unknown numbers if it's not stored in your contact list. Apple haven't cottoned on to how incredibly useful this can be - yet. Google wins this bout.

 Android 4.4 Kitkat

iOS 8 vs Android 4.4 Kitkat| Performance and Battery 

In that case Apple Inc. are declare clearly that new iOS 8 have the option of battery optimization that Android have already feature in their KitKat edition.
If you know any update which belongs upcoming iOS 8 then please share here in comments.above all infoemation are gathered from various webpages .
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31 May 2014

Lower Rate Routes for Mobile VoIP Business| ONE STOP CORPORATION

This is latest list of Lower Rate Routes for Mobile VoIP Business which is published by ONE STOP CORPORATION. Prior to sending traffic, please confirm your rates in schedule or contact your OST sales engineer or respond to this e-mail for more detailed information.If you need more info. please contact with :One Stop Corporation .

CodeDescriptionRate USD
all codesALBANIA - Proper
all codesAUSTRALIA - Perth
all codesBAHRAIN - Mobile (Batelco)
all codesBHUTAN - Proper
all codesBHUTAN - Mobile
all codesBOTSWANA - Mobile (Mascom)
all codesBOTSWANA - Mobile (Mascom)
all codesBOTSWANA - Mobile (Orange)
all codesBULGARIA - Proper
all codesBULGARIA - Fixed Network (OLO)
all codesBULGARIA - Mobile (Globul)
all codesCONGO, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire) - Mobile (AirTel - Celtel)
all codesCONGO, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire) - Mobile (Vodacom)
all codesCOTE D'IVOIRE - Mobile (Comium)
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Moravskoslezsky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Moravskoslezsky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Olomoucky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Pardubicky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Plzensky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Prague
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Prague
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Ustecky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Ustecky
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Vysocina
all codesCZECH REPUBLIC - Zlinsky
all codesETHIOPIA - Mobile (Addis Ababa)
all codesINDONESIA - Mobile (Axis)
all codesLIBERIA - Mobile (MTN - Lone Star)
all codesSOMALIA - Fixed Network (NationLink)
all codesTURKEY - Mobile (Avea)
all codesTURKEY - Mobile (Avea)
all codesUGANDA - Mobile (MTN)
all codesVIETNAM - Proper
all codesVIETNAM - Ba Ria Vung
all codesVIETNAM - Fixed Network (Viettel)
all codesVIETNAM - NhaTrang
all codesVIETNAM - Ninh Thuan
all codesVIETNAM - Quang Ninh
all codesVIETNAM - Quang Tri
all codesVIETNAM - Special Services
all codesVIETNAM - Tay Ninh
all codesVIETNAM - Thai Nguyen
all codesVIETNAM - Thua Thien Hue
all codesVIETNAM - Tra Vinh
all codesVIETNAM - Vinh
all codesYEMEN - Mobile (YemenTel)
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28 May 2014

How to Setup VoIP Telefon Via PBX

PBX means Private Branch Exchange, which is a private cellular phone network used in just a company as well as organization. The users on the PBX cell phone system can easily communicate inside their company as well as organization as well as the outside globe, using distinct communication routes like VoIP, ISDN as well as analog. A PBX also enables you to have additional phones when compared with physical cell phone lines (PTSN) along with allows totally free calls between users. Additionally, it provides attributes like transfers, voicemail, contact recording, interactive style menus (IVRs) along with ACD contact queues.
PBX systems are available as Hosted or Digital solutions (sometimes otherwise known as Centrex), and while in-house solutions to be used on your own hardware.

VoIP Telefon Via PBX

Benefits of VoIP telefon that is created Via PBX :

Through an IP/VoIP telefon system your complete internal telephony is routed with the existing LAN (local laptop or computer network). Using this method a separate network regarding telephony just isn't required.
Though the internal telephony can be routed with the LAN, it is also possible to plug your IP-PBX by gateways to the PSTN. Of course, VoIP (Voice above IP, telephony by means of the internet) is also possible.

IP telefon is the most powerful tools now a days for business, an IP telefon phone system provides a lot more freedom in your choice of phones. Basically any SIP compatible phone (VoIP phone) is fine with the IP PBX. Furthermore the IP PBX doesn’t limit the growth of any company. This IP telefon don’t connected physically to the phone program, No free inside phone system .It’s all link via your LAN but via the online world, using one example is a VPN network. Because of the, multiple places and offices can potentially be related.

VoIP Telefon Via PBX
There is really a huge a number of VoIP providers online which supply SIP trunking (telephony services) regarding cheaper contact rates when compared with traditional telephony providers. 

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